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I am Toby Wong, a Form 2 student from Sai Kung Sung Tsun Catholic School (Secondary Section). I used to run for losing weight. I wish to keep my physical fitness in high level, so I persistently run for more than a year. I challenge myself before I run for the coming Gold Coast Airport Marathon. That is improving my 10km record and taking amazing pictures during the journey. In the future running career, I would uplifting myself constantly. Being one of the RunOurCity members in school, I feel truly honored. Our teammates got their unique targets
for boosting themselves. Although the training is tough, we would run till the end. By encouraging each other, we would never give up. Thanks for a teacher who paid loads of effort to establish and operate RunOurCity, which led to a satisfying performance in academic competitions. That teacher would run with us during training, which turns to my biggest motivation.

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